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Our premium, sustainably sourced, Australian madefast charging powerbanks are designed to keep your devices running for longer, so you can stay connected to the ones and things you care about most. To get a comprehensive idea of exactly what buying from us means for you, read about our lighter-than-lithium powerbank guarantee and see a detailed breakdown of the benefits each model brings to the table click here.

That said, whether you're always on the go or just need a reliable fast portable charger for everyday use, you can rest assured our selection has you covered and is certain to offer the powerbank you have been looking for. Choose from our high capacity range of small, compact, lightweight options. They support standard USB, USB Type-C, fast charging and fast wireless charging. With built-in LED torches and digital displays, they are convenient, versatile and highly durable. Enjoy fast Australian shipping and charge up quickly and confidently with our 100% sustainably sourced lithium-ion powerbanks!


How Are Your Batteries Sustainable?

All the lithium-ion battery cells used to make our powerbanks are sourced via the EcoSig recycling initiative. This ensures all the batteries we use are not only thoroughly tested to make sure they are high quality, but also means buying one of our products helps protect the environment!

How Fast Will It Charge My Phone?

The charging speed of our portable powerbanks varies based on the model you choose. The Boost-Pro and Triple Charge provide standard charging speeds just like a normal wall adapter. While the Turbo-Boost offers 2.5x that speed and the Sonic Charge offers 3x that speed as they are both fast chargers. For the fastest possible charging however, the PowerFlow Plus is equipped with a 4.5A fast charging USB Type-C output, fast charging USB Type-A output, and fast wireless charging capabilities. That said the actual charging time for your phone will depend on its battery capacity and its maximum supported charging current. Also be mindful of if your phones internal circuitry allows it to be fast charged by any powerbank that is capable of fast charging, or only by fast charging capable powerbanks that are made by the same brand as the phone in question.

Which Powerbank Should I Buy?

When choosing a powerbank, consider your specific needs and preferences, if you are unsure about these, don't worry, as we have put together a 100% free-to-receive buying guide. If you're looking for a compact and convenient option for a night out or for light travel, the Boost-Pro and Turbo-Boost are both excellent choices. For those who want multiple charges, enjoy colourful designs, and may need to use a portable charger for extended periods of time, the Triple Charge fits the bill, or the Sonic Charge if you require fast charging and USB Type-C. On the other hand, if you prioritise functionality, a large capacity, fast charging and a sleek design, the PowerFlow Plus is the perfect option for you. Each powerbank has its own set of unique features, so select the one that best suits you or contact us by email if you need help deciding.

How Do I Recharge My Powerbank?

You can recharge any of our powerbanks by connecting a micro-USB cable to their charging input ports. For the Boost-Pro and Triple Charge models you can only use a micro-USB cable to do this. However, The Turbo-Boost and Sonic Charge also offer USB Type-C recharging and the PowerFlow Plus offers the most recharging options, including micro-USB, lightning and fast USB Type-C. We recommend using your phones 5V USB wall adapter to provide power for said recharging, regardless of which powerbank you are using.

Are These Really Made In Australia?

Yes! All of our products are proudly made in Queensland Australia. We do have to use circuitry and plastic that has been produced overseas for economic reasons, but that said, you can rest assured that buying one of our powerbanks supports a small Australian business and keeps your money in the local economy. Which is a good thing for everyone!