If Your Phone Doesn’t Survive The Day, We're The Solution!

Why waste money on some inferior powerbank? If for the same price or less you could enjoy our Queensland made, stress-tested, Aussie tough and airport-friendly range! All powered by 100% sustainably sourced lithium-ion batteries. Orders ship for free in under 24 hours all year-round, and while our stockpile lasts, include a free discontinued fantale and a lollipop!

Plus to top it all off, we'll even send you our free buying guide, so you're not gambling on which powerbank is best for you!

Finally, our lighter-than-lithium guarantee ensures that for the first 30 days, if your new powerbank falls short of its rated charge speed, capacity, durability, portability, or it simply doesn't work as advertised, you can return it for a full refund! No return shipping cost, no restocking fee, no hassle. We're just one email away from sending your money back to you!

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Did You Say Fantale?

Yes, we did! Unfortunately, the iconic Fantale is no longer available in supermarkets. However, we've been including them in our orders as an added bonus for a while. When we heard the news of their discontinuation, our first instinct was to stock up so our customers can continue to enjoy them. After all, you can buy a cheap powerbank anywhere, but only from us can you get an Australian made, sustainable powerbank that comes with a free fantale and a lollipop!

Australian Made?

Yes! Our entire range is proudly made in Queensland Australia, by our team of local employees. While we do use microchips and plastic that were originally produced overseas for economic reasons, buying one of our powerbanks supports a small Australian business, keeps your money in the Australian economy, and helps put food on the tables of our employees families. Not into the pockets of international conglomerates.

Return Process?

Our lighter-than-lithium powerbank guarantee and warranty ensure that, if your new powerbank is not performing as advertised, you have 30 days from the day you receive it to contact us by email and arrange a return. We recommend holding onto the packaging it came in, as we will email you a free return shipping label and instructions on how to properly pack and post your powerbank back to us. Once we receive it and confirm it hasn't been damaged, we will process a full refund to your original payment method. Additionally, our powerbanks come with a 6-month warranty, so if yours stops working, we'll provide a free return shipping label and instructions on how to return it. Once we receive it, we'll analyse it, and if the fault is due to the powerbank itself not an external factor, we'll send you a free replacement.

Sustainable Batteries?

All the lithium-ion battery cells we use in our powerbanks are sourced from our EcoSig recycling initiative. This means each and every one of our batteries is individually and thoroughly tested to ensure that it's undamaged, its electric capacity is true and power rating is legitimate. Unlike the cheaply mass-produced, often untested and even sometimes faulty batteries being used by most of our competitors. It also means that overall we can be sure that they're high quality, and that buying one of our Australian made powerbanks plays a small but important role in protecting the environment!

Airport Friendly?

Our powerbanks are airport-friendly because we make sure their capacity is always below the maximum rated capacity allowed on an aircraft. Their construction ensures the battery cells are well protected against any blunt force that may cause them to be punctured. The output ports are not capable of creating any spark or electrical arc. They have thermal and short-circuit protection built in and are overall compliant with the multitude of international air travel regulations. However, like all powerbanks and external batteries, you are required to keep them on your person or in your carry-on and never place them in your checked luggage. This is due to the extreme temperature and pressure changes that happen within a plane's cargo hold while it is in the air.

With All Of That In Mind, Check Out Our Range!