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Powerflow Plus, All-In-One Powerbank

Powerflow Plus, All-In-One Powerbank

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If You Love Having The Best Tech And Want A Reliable, Australian Made, All-In-One Powerbank That’s Packed Full Of Functionality, The Powerflow Plus Is For You! 

Being the ultimate mobile power companion, it boasts a massive 12000mAh capacity fuelled by sustainably sourced lithium-ion batteries. Fast and smart USB-PD charging on all ports, A 4.5A USB-C input/output, two 3A USB-A outputs and 15-watt wireless charging. Plus, lightning and micro-USB inputs make recharging it as simple as plugging in your phone. Its smart digital display means monitoring the power levels is beyond easy and the built-in ultra-bright dual LED torch puts your phones flashlight to shame. Regardless of if you need to fast charge your phone, handheld gaming system, portable speaker or anything else in-between, the Powerflow Plus has got you covered. If you’re a frequent long-distance traveller who needs to stay connected and enjoys having the best of the best, you’re in the right place!

Fast and Versatile: Whatever cable you use, the Powerflow Plus supports it. The USB-C port delivers up to 4.5A of power, easily recharging most phones in under an hour. For those using a classic charging cable the dual USB-A ports deliver 3A of power each, effortlessly fast charging almost anything, and if your cable’s nowhere in sight, the 15-watt wireless fast charging pad will save the day.

Modern-Day Durability: Choose between a sleek black or a timeless white textured hard plastic exterior, that looks amazing, is fun to touch, and will hold its own on any adventure. It’s built Aussie tough, so regardless of the situation you’ll never be stressed about accidentally damaging your Powerflow Plus. Even its label is UV, stain, splash and chemical proof!

Portable Convenience: Some similar powerbanks are bulky and heavy, but don’t worry you won’t be lugging the Powerflow Plus around. It weighs only 350 grams and is 16x8.5cm in size, which is roughly the same as a standard envelope. Meaning, you can have an all-in-one powerbank that’s essentially the same size and weight as an envelope with three blocks of milk chocolate in it.

Simple and Sustainable: At its core you’ll find sustainably sourced lithium-ion battery cells, so while you’re enjoying an all-in-one, reliable and fast portable charger, you’re also doing your part to help protect the planet you live on. With its lightning, micro-USB and USB-C power inputs, recharging said batteries is now as simple as plugging your phone into the wall.

Illuminated Intelligence: The LED torch is easily activated/deactivated by a four second hold of the power button. You will be shocked by its brightness and will never get lost in the dark again. With the smart digital display eliminating any guesswork by informing you at a glance, how much charge is left in the powerbank to an exact percentage, and what the current charge mode is.

Cost-Effective Lifespan: On average the Powerflow Plus provides an all-inclusive mobile charging experience for about 6 years of heavy use. If you break down the cost, it comes out to be around $0.25 a week per year of use, which is less than it costs to send one letter a month.

Disclaimer: Improper use, disassembly, or use while damaged may lead to unintended effects and potential injury. By purchasing and using this product, you confirm that you have read and understood its safety and usage information and willingly assume all risks and liability in the event unintended effects related to using this product occur.

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