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Sonic Charge Fast Portable Powerbank

Sonic Charge Fast Portable Powerbank

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If You’re Conquering A Cliffside, Or Just Waiting In An Airport Lounge, The Sonic Charge Powerbank Will Keep Your Phone Fully Fast Charged And Online Three Times Longer!

If you’ve ever glanced at the battery level of your phone, wireless headphones, tablet or speaker and realised that you're running seriously low on power with no wall socket in sight, don’t worry. The Sonic Charge was made to fully fast charge any and all of your devices up to three times. Meaning that in a flash you can stay connected to the ones, and things you care about most while getting back to traveling, scrolling, partying or simply being out and about. It runs on lightweight sustainably sourced lithium-ion batteries, offers dual fast USB-A outputs, A fast USB-C input/output, a Micro-USB input and even a digital display and torch. Not to mention its large 10000 mAh capacity and robust design. No matter how far you’re traveling or how rough the journey is, you can be confident that this powerbank will not only fit easily into your backpack, sling bag, handbag, or purse, but it will reliably endure any trip, and most importantly keep your devices fully fast charged at every step along the way.

Fast, Reliable Charging: Fast charging has never been easier with its dual 5V USB-A outputs, each able to deliver up to 3A of power simultaneously. It also offers a USB-PD capable USB-C input/output that’s easily able to deliver, 5V/3A, 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A of power for quickly recharging different types of devices. Having a Sonic Charge means no matter what device your using, it will never be powered down for long.

Tough and Portable: Built to be Aussie tough its hard plastic textured exterior isn’t just satisfying to touch and easy to grip, its designed to stand up to almost any drop, knock, bump or scrape. No matter where your adventures lead, its durability and lightweight of around 280 grams means you can focus on the journey, not on worrying if your powerbank will be able to survive it.

Smart and Sustainable: The sustainably sourced lithium-ion batteries, mean that each time it fast charges your phone, you’re helping protect the planet you call home. Its digital display makes keeping track of your power usage a breeze, by showing an exact percentage of how much charge it has left to give. Plus, to top it all off, you’re only ever a four second hold of the power button away from brightening any moment, thanks to the built-in LED torch.  

Streamlined For Style: Not only is it lightweight and tough so you can take it into any manner of extreme situation, but its sleek black and modern white colour options mean it won’t just be the most reliable and advanced portable charger, it will have people asking you where you got it! The satisfying to touch, textured and grippy exterior coupled with the smooth, UV, splash, stain and chemical proof label make it one of the most versatile, advanced and stylish powerbanks money can buy.

Cost-Effective Lifespan: On average the Sonic Charge provides a fast, robust and versatile mobile charging experience for about 6 years of heavy use. If you break down the cost, it comes out to be around $0.20 a week per year of use, which is less than eating one hotdog per month.

Disclaimer: Improper use, disassembly, or use while damaged may lead to unintended effects and potential injury. By purchasing and using this product, you confirm that you have read and understood its safety and usage information and willingly assume all risks and liability in the event unintended effects related to using this product occur.

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