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Triple Charge Portable Powerbank

Triple Charge Portable Powerbank

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If You’re Going On A Long Journey, Or Just Relaxing On The Couch After A Long Day, Our Triple Charge Portable Powerbank Will Keep Your Phone Online Three Times Longer!

If you’ve ever looked at your phone, tablet, speaker or wireless headphones and realised that you're running dangerously low on battery with no wall socket in sight, don’t worry. The Triple Charge has one purpose and that’s to make sure no matter how much time you spend traveling, scrolling or simply out and about your phone will always be fully charged, keeping you connected to the ones, and things you care about most. Running on lightweight sustainably sourced lithium-ion batteries, offering dual USB ports, a large capacity, a built-in torch, and designed to be shock and splashproof. Regardless of how far you’re traveling and how rough the journey is, you can be confident your powerbank will not only fit easily into your backpack, sling bag, handbag, or purse but also endure any trip, while keeping you fully charged at every step.

Lasting, Safe Charging: However long you plan to be away for its 10000 mAh capacity will provide up to three full charges for most phones, ensuring it lasts the whole trip. With the standard 5V, 1A dual USB ports protecting your phones battery from overheating and being degraded overtime, you’ll become the go-to person for reliable portable charging on every journey.

Rugged and Stylish: If you’re frequently finding yourself mountain biking, skiing, spelunking or diving head first into other extreme situations. Its shockproof, splashproof and lightweight design won’t hold you back and will stand up to rough treatment. Plus, the sleek colour and distinctive graphic options, mean your powerbank will always be the most durable and unique.

Intelligently Bright: Not every journey takes place on a clearly lit road so if you ever find yourself needing a light to guide you home, the built-in LED torch is only a double press of the power button away. That same button actives the quick and easy to read capacity meter, which provides a reliable indication of how much charge you have left to enjoy.

Small and Simple: No one wants to be hauling a powerbank around with them, and no one wants their phone to die on them. Fortunately for you, this user friendly powerbank won’t just provide three full charges, endure almost anything, and have people thanking you for getting them back online. It will fit nearly anywhere, and is so portable you might even forget it’s on you.   

Cost-Effective Lifespan: On average the Triple Charge will make you the go-to person for reliable portable charging for around 6 years of heavy use. If you break down the cost, it comes out to be around $0.16 a week per year of use, which is less than drinking a cafe coffee a month.

Disclaimer: Improper use, disassembly, or use while damaged may lead to unintended effects and potential injury. By purchasing and using this product, you confirm that you have read and understood its safety and usage information and willingly assume all risks and liability in the event unintended effects related to using this product occur.

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