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Turbo-Boost Fast Portable Powerbank

Turbo-Boost Fast Portable Powerbank

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A Fast, Australian Made, Pocket-Sized Powerbank That’s Able To Fully Fast Charge Any Phone. If You’re After A Quick, Functional And Simple Portable Charger, You’ve Found it!

Elevate your mobile charging experience by using a powerbank that’s equipped with sustainably sourced lithium-ion batteries, dual fast charging USB-A outputs, a single fast charging USB-C input/output, a 5600 mAh capacity, built-in Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB charging cables and a bright LED torch, all wrapped in a sleek and durable hard plastic shell. The Turbo-Boost Powerbank is a convenient, reliable, high-performing portable charger that’s able to fully fast charge any phone on the market! So, if you’re looking for an on-the-go charging solution and want something that is fast and advanced on the inside, but easy to use and portable on the outside look no further than the Turbo-Boost, and permanently say goodbye to the inconvenience of a flat phone battery, and the annoyance of a slow portable charger.

Portability Is Priority: Designed to be sleek, lightweight and easy to carry. it’s the one thing not to forget when you’re heading off to a party, festival or day trip, as having it in your pocket means you’re only ever moments away from quickly reconnecting to those you care about most.

Fast And Sustainable: The sustainably sourced lithium-ion batteries that power the Turbo-Boost don’t just make using it good for the environment, they also pack a punch! The dual USB-A outputs and USB-C input/output are all 5V capable and can deliver up to 2.5A of current for seamless fast charging of any phone.

Robust And Modern: Its shock and splashproof shell will stand up to even the most intense dance floor, or bounciest bike trail. While the modern black and white colour options make the Turbo-Boost a tough, practical and useful accessory that easily compliments anyone’s style and aesthetic.

Built-In Functionality: The built-in Lightning, USB-C and Micro-USB charging cables are always ready to go, so you’ll never have to pack or untangle another cable again. While at the press of a button, the bright LED torch will light a path home, and the 25, 50, 75 and 100% power indicators ensure you’re only ever a glance away from knowing how much power is left in your pocket.

Cost-Effective Lifespan: On average the Turbo-Boost provides a fast and highly portable mobile charging experience for about 6 years of heavy use. If you break down the cost, it comes out to be around $0.15 a week per year of use, which is equal to using one roll of toilet paper a month.

Disclaimer: Improper use, disassembly, or use while damaged may lead to unintended effects and potential injury. By purchasing and using this product, you confirm that you have read and understood its safety and usage information and willingly assume all risks and liability in the event unintended effects related to using this product occur.

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