"7 Money Murdering Mistakes" The Ultimate Industry Insight Into Purchasing A Premium Powerbank!

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CasuallyLoaded powerbank buying guide
  • Portable powerbanks are made to be light and portable, after all, it's in the name. Unfortunately, this need for portability has a truly sinister side!

  • If you're looking for a fast charging powerbank, there are two metrics you need to keep an eye out for. Do you care to know what they are?

  • If you don't want to be hassled by airport security, and waste your money on a useless powerbank. There are a few different things you might want to know!

  • Big tech companies will, and do lie about their products. Want to find out what some of the common buzz words they use to sell powerbanks are?

  • How often you use your phone matters more than you think. It also directly impacts how much you should spend on a powerbank to charge it up with!

  • Sadly not all powerbanks and certainly not all customer support teams are made equal. Do you know what the big red flags are?

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